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ali morales, Marketing Director

Ali Morales specializes in basic marketing duties and responsibilities here at See Us Now Staffing. Having some experience in many positions here in the company, he very quickly found his area of expertise.With attention to detail, passion for creativity and having patience and organizational skills, he was convinced he would be most effective in our marketing department.

Ali graduated from Sunrise Mountain High School in 2014 still undecided on what he wanted to do for a career. Working with See Us Now Staffing has given Ali a great sense of what the business world has to offer. He considers this a great stepping stone where he can build his foundation and hopes to grow and learn from his experienced fellow team members. He is striving to learn as much as he is able to assist the company on its payroll needs. 

Having limited resources when he was young, Ali did not let those circumstances slow down his willingness to learn. He competed academically on a state level when he was just seven years old. Ali loves tinkering with cars as a hobby, enjoys playing piano, violin and guitar, and is currently interested in working with computer software and hardware.