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Karina Uribe, payroll MANAGER

Karina Uribe began her career in the Human Resources industry in 2002 after graduating from the Instituto Tecnológico de Colima with a Bachelors Degree in Administration specializing in tourism.  Karina progressed as a professional at a prestigious hotel in the city of Colima, Mexico where she was also able to utilize her degree.

After a year, she accepted an offer to join the team at a shipping terminal which specialized in unloading ships, storage and loading of bulk grains in the Mexican Pacific coast.  This opportunity linked Karina to the most important corporate structure of the port while serving in a customs brokerage agency dealing with importation and exportation in transport operations and in a “recinto fiscalizado” or foreign trade zone. This subsequently catapulted her career as leading manager of more than 250 employees in the area of Quality Control and Human Resources.  One major achievement was the standardization of all positions and her certification in quality systems.

In valuing her commitment to building a happy marriage, Karina returned from the port to the city to continue her professional career as General Manager in a local Chamber of Commerce where she elevated the state delegation and her team to one of the top five positions at the national level.

As an entrepreneurial business woman, she launched a business venture by developing her own brand of roasted coffee and successfully administered her business for more than three years.  Although there were limited resources in the market, Karina possessed tenacity and determination to remain competitive and successful. At the same time, Karina served as a school administrator at a community college high school in the city of Colima, Mexico.  Additionally, Karina was responsible for teaching specific subjects including reading and writing (in Spanish), literature, law, communication sciences, and philosophy.

Born in Los Angeles, California but raised in Mexico, Karina completed her Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Phoenix, Arizona.  She has returned to the United States to accept the challenge of finding innovative ways of working with a “new culture” – a new city, a new industry, new community.  Karina, joined See Us Now Staffing to assist with Sales, Human Resources and in the Payroll Department.  She is truly passionate about helping and working with people, is happily married, and a dog lover.